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Establishing a strategic company for services and consulting to carry out awareness

The Q Zones

Establishing a strategic company for Management consultancy to carry out awareness, guidance and training for Technical analysis & the risk of the trading methods in the international and Gulf financial markets. Also to provide a sound ground for reading the financial markets and technical analysis of the global markets and deliver the information from the main original sources.

The establishment of awareness and consultation webinars & seminars in the Gulf countries and the Arab world or even globally by attending or through the Internet using the best technology to deliver information in innovative ways, whether through printouts or videos.

And the establishment of a website to be a reference for financial analysts in terms of information and lessons registered by video and image, also it presents direct webinars by the experienced and specialized financial analysts for all those who are wishing to subscribe or register from all over the world.

The website provides a set of direct analysis of the international financial markets for the purpose of education to deliver the technical analysis ideas of financial markets.

Providing a library of lessons in technical analysis in form of videos, explaining the basics of analysis to the professionalism of technical analysis and enable participants to read the international financial markets with professionalism.

Providing and designing programs to train those wishing to enter this field and cooperate with legal licensed organisations firms to provide all services to their clients from the awareness prespectives of international financial markets.


Bat Harmonic Pattern

  Bat Harmonic Pattern is one of the most powerful pattern in the family of Harmonic patterns, as this pattern have the highest successful PRZ…

Beginners 21/03/2018